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– Download FULLY auto-installable fonts (five fonts – for PC Only) –> Farhat_Font_English


– Download each font separately –> Fonts_Guitar_Farhat_ (You have to copy them yourself into your font folder)

How to install Farhat’s auto-installable fonts (PC)

1. Download the auto-installable font zip file farhat_font_english.zip to your PC’s desktop.

2. Unzip this zip file (decompress it).

3. Double click on the folder to open it. Click on farhat_font_english.exe.

4. A windows will ask you if want to install Farhat Fonts. Click NEXT.

5. A license agreement will appear, read it and if you are agree tick the box on the

left of the legend “I agree with the above terms and conditions”.

6. Click on the NEXT button.

7. The files will be installed onto your computer.

8. A new window will appear. Click on the FINISH Button.

9. Reboot your computer. (This is very important. If you don’t do this, the fonts will not work.)

ATTENTION: If the above method doesn’t work, try this way:

10. Download each Font separately to your PC –>  Fonts_Farhat_Separ_

11. Unzip the File Fonts_Farhat_Separ_.zip

12. Copy the files

FarHat construccion de acordes.ttf,

FarHat-acordes #.ttf,


FarHat-acordes.ttf &


into your Windows folder C:\WINDOWS\Fonts.

13. Reboot your computer. (Again, this is very important. If you don’t do this, the fonts will not work.)

English User’s Manual available from –> Farhat Guitar Chord Fonts Manual (English) v5-2

Thanks roses2at for the Manuals and all your work 🙂

Any questions: [email protected] 


How to Read the Chords

A AM LA / LAM A Major
Am A – LAm / La A Minor
A# . LA# / La# A Sharp
Ab . LAb / Lab A Flat
A maj7 A7M LA 7+ A Major with 7 Major
Am maj7 Am7M / Am7+ LAm may7 / LAm7M A Minor with 7 Mayor
Asus4 Asus LAmsus / LAsus4 A Suspended
Aaug A+ / A5+ LA aum – / LA+ A5+ A Augmented
Am7(b5) A-7(b5) LAm7(b5) A Half-diminished
Adim ** ** LAdim ** / LA° ** A Diminished
Adim7 ** A°7** LAdim7** / LA°7 ** A Diminished with Diminished 7
**= Sometimes this chord must be played like this **